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What Makes Us Different

United Capital utilizes what we have coined a "TLC" approach when it comes to investing client assets.

The T stands for transparency. You know exactly what you own. If your account is down, it's because the holdings in your portfolio are down. In our fee based accounts (SAM) we primarily use Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs as they are commonly known.

The L stands for liquidity. With some managers a client would typically have to give the manager 90 days notice if that client wanted to liquidate his or her account. With us, you can get out of what you own no later than the end of the trading day, or the next day if we receive the order after the market closes. In many cases, you can get out immediately.

The C stands for cost. Usually when you have transparency and liquidity low cost goes hand in hand. In our SAM accounts the average expense ratio of the investment portfolio is less than 0.3 percent (Note: this does not include the advisor fee). In my opinion, the expenses many of the less than reputable managers charge is outrageous— if you can even figure out what their charges are. It is difficult to imagine a situation where a type of fraud based on fees could be perpetrated on clients when the advisory fee is so low. 

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